Welcome to Versehoppers

A Dungeons and Dragons game run by Niamh, based on one of their stories.

By choosing to search for your friends you have opted to join the game. Here are your next steps:

  1. Learn the basics of the world you came from and the people that surround you.[ESSENTIAL]
  2. Create a character. Start at level 3. Any race, class and background, but as you may be unfamiliar with the world I recommend reading the page linked above first.[ESSENTIAL]
  3. Meet your missing friends.[ESSENTIAL]

Possessions you have on you: a logbook containing a list of each contact you have in every universe your group has previously travelled to. A file containing information about Audrey, the person Nehir overhears in #n1, and therefore the link that allows you to enter this world. A duffel bag containing items you bring with you when you versehop, such as spare clothes, an eclectic mix of currency from various universes and personal knick-knacks. An analog watch.