Your Missing Friends



Race: half-orc

Class: Wizard

Nehir is your reckless and blunt leader. She is endlessly curious to the point of placing herself in danger. She cares fiercely about the people around her, but often puts others' wellbeing before her own. She enjoys exploring abandoned places, and has a long running feud with Maxwell Barlow, the firbolg face of the Barrow Family Bone Music Press. She has been overhearing Audrey since she was 11. Her family lives in the Carter Family Theatre.



Race: Tabaxi

Class: Fighter

Vanna brings a measure of level-headedness and practicality to the wildness of Nehir. She is much more self controlled and quiet, but when they do speak it's generally worth listening to. Their fashion sense is eclectic sometimes and comfortable always. She always carries a camera with her, and is responsible for the majority of the formal documentation your group has. She is descended from some offworlders who were never caught, and lives in fear that she will be.



Race: Tiefling

Class: Rogue

Kiev is known for being somewhat sulky generally, but when in a tight spot there's no one better to have by your side. They're a quick thinker, and their habit of keeping every small object they cross paths with has proved to be very useful on many occasions. While they're witty and good at making snap decisions, it's often difficult to keep them on task and focused. They can always be relied upon to have a steady supply of snacks. Their father works at the underground hospital, and they've picked up basic medical knowledge from him.



Race: Dwarf

Class: Monk

Terry is without a doubt the most charismatic of the group. He's excellent at getting information out of anybody, and has friends in every universe he passes through. Additionally, he's the best cook in the group, though he has somewhat chaotic methods. He's prone to making a mess, but he's a generous and caring friend, and can always be relied on for a laugh. The rest of the group were initially cautious of him, as his parents and older brother work for the W.S.M.A, but he's proven to be trustworthy.



Race: Aasimar

Class: Warlock

Audrey works at Opulence records and spends her time outside of work and her university study frequenting gigs at The Mist. She is doing an arts degree and wants to eventually open her own tattoo parlour. Despite having interactions with your group often, she thinks of you only as regular customers at the record store, and doesn't suspect anything. Because she is Nehir's point of reference, she is the last person you can be sure to have seen your missing friends.